Scientist Tries To Unveil Mystical Virus – SARS

Scientists are trying to unveil a mystical virus – SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) which is categorized into the corona virus category. SARS was discovered in the year 2002 and is mainly responsible for the occurrence of common cold. Recently Detected Recently, this virus was again detected in a 49 years old man from Qatar. This man

Access to the iPhone 1.1.1 files ystem: what it means

Within the span of 48 hours there have been two significant — if as of yet fruitless — developments in the quest to jailbreak (gain write access to) the iPhone 1.1.1 filesystem, which will make it possible to install third-party native applications on the device. First there was the discovery of a TIFF buffer overflow exploit that

Small business tracks savings with cheap high tech

There’s a lot of interest around affordable new systems for tracking the location of vehicles, but technology can also make a big difference to a company’s bottom line simply by indicating where trucks are needed — and where they aren’t. Thanks to basic wireless technology from a Canadian company and a helping hand from family