The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to find LSI Keywords to rank your Content Higher

Have you ever wonder how Google predicts your Mind when you search for something in Google.

It generates automatic suggestions to fastens your search. That’s Google Auto Complete. 

Those words are not just Synonyms, they are sentimentally related to your primary keyword. They are called LSI keywords.

LSI keywords ( Latent Semantic Indexing ) are the keywords that are semantically related to your main keyword.

Search engines use this LSI keywords to search for webpages which matches exactly to the primary search keyword and index them at top.

These Synonyms and substitutions are the Supporting phrases which facilitate Search Engines to know exactly about the content quality and depth.

So, now we know how Google Auto complete works. Let’s spend some time to research about LSI Keywords and let’s push our blog to Google’s front page.
In the above image you can clearly see the LSI keywords for the keyword “Whatsapp”. There are some Long Tail keywords at the bottom of the Google Search. Count them in too.
Now you have bag full of keywords. In the next part of the post you will find how to use them and what are the effects of using this LSI keywords. so lets begin!!

How LSI keywords Benefit your Blog SEO:

We, the bloggers have a lot of benefits to spread our content over Google, which in turn gets more visitors and $$$. Here is what LSI keywords will do to your blog when you use them.

1. Best On-Page SEO Technique which improve your rankings with minimum Backlinks.

2. It helps search engines to find the Depth of our content.

3. Less Effort and More Traffic.

4. Exact placement of LSI keywords boosts your rankings (Title, H1, H2, Meta and other).

5. It helps in Site speed with light usage of keywords.

For Example “Pic” is definitely not related semantically related with “Photo” a 5 years ago; but fast forward to today, Pic is basically became a synonym of Photo.

The trick is quiet simple. When you are writing a post on “Photo” add some keywords having “Pic” in it. That’s it.

So, more the LSI keywords in your blog, the higher your page ranks in google. Forget about the keyword density and place as many LSI keywords you like, but keep in mind you are not Keyword stuffing your article, make it look natural.

How to find LSI keywords for your Blog:

Remember, the internet is full of tools and I don’t want you to step in some piece of sh**t. Here are the list of Genuine and Best latent semantic indexing tools which help you to rank your content higher.
1. Google Keyword Planner

2. LSI Graph

3. SEMrush



Let’s start with the Free Keyword tracking Tools. But it is highly advisable to use Paid tools like SEMrush which will diversify the data clearly.


#1. Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner (GKP) is best of free online keyword research tools. Generally this tool is for Advertisers. Most of the bloggers would be publishers who put ads on their sites to earn money. However we can still build some initial keywords list from this tool.


Steps to use Google Keyword Planner to find LSI Keywords:

1. Sign in with your Google account in Google Adwords Homepage.2. At the left corner enter your primary keyword to search for their siblings and hit theGet Ideas button.

3. Now you will get loads of LSI keywords. Note them down. They will be useful for next process.


Now that you have your initial keywords with you. But all those keywords are not worthy. So we have to separate Honey out of the Pot manually

Remember this is a Free tool. So you have to do it manually by your self. In order to do that simply remove the keywords with less monthly searches.


I have found a Tool to find monthly searches and CPC. Here is the Free tool which shows monthly Searches and CPC beneath the google Search.

Install Free Keyword Tracking tool Addon and you will see the change while using google search.


#2. LSI Graph:


LSI Graph is my personal favorite tool which I have been using over a year to find LSI keywords. And guess what, it’s a Free app too.




Steps to find LSI Keywords using LSI Graph:

1. Open LSI Graph site

2. Now you will see a big Search bar over there enter your primary keyword in it.3. Now complete the Captcha and hit Generate Button.

4. That’s it. You will get lots of LSI keywords under it.

It provides list of LSI keywords based on our primary keyword. The only frustrating is the Captcha. For every unique search we have to complete Captcha. Remember its a Free tool, so its okay to kill some time passing Captcha.

But again, we have to do the manually thing just like GKP. But as far as my knowledge that won’t be necessary. All the keywords are automatically sorted based on all metrics. So choose some random top keywords and experiment on them.


#3. SEMrush Tool:

I know you have been bored of doing the manually thing. Here comes the magic of best paid tool to find LSI keywords.

Well, i’m pretty sure you have heard Ahref Tool. SEMrush stands second in the queue when compared in results.

We can use this tool to get Best LSI keyword ideas but it will cost you a little. But it is advisable to buy SEMrush if your look forward to see your blog in Google First Page.

we can utilise the Trail Versions too. They have wonderful tools like SEOquake tool and  Site Ranking Tool.

Here is how to use SEMrush to find LSI keywords:

1. Once you Login to your SEMrush account ( Paid or Free ), you will see this dashboard.


2. In the search box above, you can enter your Keyword or Domain to find Analytics.

3. Now enter your Primary keyword to find keyword density, CPC and competition.

4. You can find these 2 columns below under the Search box. These are the LSI keywords of your Primary keyword.

Here comes the Magic of SEMrush. It displays the LSI keywords and Long Tail keywords in 2 formats. You can export all the keywords (3000 keywords for Free version and 10000 keywords for Paid version).


Tip: The best part of SEMrush is you can track your competitor keywords also. Find the keywords for which your competitor is ranking and make some LSI keywords for that keyword and out rank them.

Here is Free 30 Days SEMrush Pro Trail for my Readers. Cheers!!

#4. Tool:

This is also a paid tool but the trail version is enough to find LSI keywords. This is best replacement for Google Keyword Planner. But its way more interesting than GKP.
Do you know, the keywords you found in Google won’t work in Bing. The keywords which helps to rank your blog post won’t help to rank your video on Youtube, even with same content you can’t do it.

This is where this tool comes handy. is one such tool which can fulfill this task. You can filter the searches based on your Niches.

How to use tool to find LSI keywords:

1. Open this Free Online Keyword Research Tool.

2. You will see a Search bar and just above the Search bar you will see various Information niches like Google, Youtube, Bing, Wiki etc.


3. Now enter your Seed keyword. By default it shows data from Google. You can change if you are searching for Bing LSI keywords or any other.

4. You can choose countries too. But in this case it’s not much needed. So ignore it and Hit Search button.

5. And Boom!! That’s it.

Once you enter your keyword. You will be presented with the list of LSI keywords under this search. You can export all of them or else you can pick your keywords one by one.
That’s it. Simple isn’t it. This is best ever keyword assessment tool ever under Freebies.

Final Say:

Write natural content surrounding LSI keywords which makes it easy for your reader. And add some synonyms which makes it lighter for Google to find.

Now you got your Spear. Go grab some Fishes. Cheers!!

I assume you have read the complete post without a skip. Now it’s your turn to implement these ideas and share your improvements in comments.
Hope this article helped you. Don’t just read it alone, share with your readers and Friends.

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