Easy & Definitive Guide to Link Godaddy Custom Domain to Blogger/Blogspot Blog 2016

Most of the bloggers start their blogging journey with Blogspot/ Blogger as it is a Free Platform. Well, it has lot more advantages like Unlimited Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage.

With less knowledge, one can make his blog live easily with inbuilt Blogger custom Settings and the Investment on Blogger/ Blogspot blogs is nearly Zero and returns are High.

The only disadvantage is, we can’t track our work i.e.,  your Domain Analytics like Domain Age, PR and Backlinks. Because it shows Blogspot.com details instead of our blog details which is hosted on Blogspot.
And the most Frustrating thing ever is the (dot)blogspot(dot)com extension. No one ever trusts a blog with (dot)blogspot(dot)com extension and it shows that we are not serious into Blogging Journey.

If you feel the same, then it’s time to switch to Custom Domain. What is Custom Domain? To be simple, Custom domain means converting your blog URL from xyz(dot)blogspot(dot)com to xyz(dot)com . Custom Domain not only improves Branding but also it makes the blog trustworthy.

Custom Domain gives your blog a professional touch and it just cost 2-3$ in Godaddy.

Why you should move to Custom Domain in Blogger:

I will give you three best reasons to satisfy your heart to go get a custom domain. I prefer calling them ” Benefits of Custom Domain for Blogger/ Blogspot Blog”.

There are many benefits on Moving your blogspot blog to Custom Domain and I managed to top these 3 factors. so, Here we go.

Note: Skip this part if you are in a Hurry to setup Blogger custom domain in Godaddy.

#1. Improves Branding & Trustworthy:

I personally experienced a situation in one of my blog where i used to write lots of Natural Content But hardly no audience ever stayed longer for a couple of seconds, just because of my blog URL. Users from Social Media attracts towards custom domains rather than (dot)blogspot extension domains.
Think once, if you feel good to say that you blog at some xyz(dot)blogspot(dot)com. No, Right? The same thing happens with the Visitors, they don’t feel good to share some shitty (dot)blogspot domains. Changing to Custom domain makes your page trustworthy and improves your page branding.

#2. Email with Custom Domain:

Once you step into Blogging, every thing needs to be professional. Remember branding is very important to survive in a long run. You should quit using Gmail, Yahoo or Rediff and start using your domain based email.

Think once it will be awesome to share your email like YourName@domain.com rather than simply YourName@gmail.com to your audience.

Once you move on to Custom domain, you can also get free email with custom Domain.

Here is a Definitive Guide to get Free Email with Custom Domain 

#3. Domain Analytics:

So now you can start making backlinks to your blog and you can even track your backlinks using some of the fancy tools available in market like SEMrush, Ahrefs or Open link Profiler.
So, I expect you are satisfied to get a Custom Domain for your blog. Lets put the show on road:

How to Setup a Custom Domain for Blogger/Blogspot Blog in Godaddy:

I would like to make it so simple. So I divide the Setup into 2 Parts. One is Blogspot part and the other is Godaddy Part. But remember, don’t ever close any of it untill both of them are completed.Select a Brandable domain name and search in Godaddy if it’s available or not. If available, then register domain from Godaddy.

If you are using Godaddy for the first time then feel free to use thisGodaddy 99 cent domain code.

I expect you have made your purchase and have domain with you. Now let’s move on to Blogger and make some Quick Settings.

Quick Settings on Blogspot part:

1. Login to Blogger Dashboard and select the blog for which you want to add a custom domain.
2. No move on to Settings–> Basic–> and you will find Publishing Column–>Blog Address


3. Click on Setup a Third Party URL for your blog option as shown above.

4. Now you will see Third Party domain settings. Enter your Custom domain name which you just bought from Godaddy and Hit the Save Button.


5. It will shoot you an Error. But don’t worry its quite common. Note Down theName,Label or Host Details and Target or Points to  details from 1st Box and Click on the Settings Instructions link from 2nd Box.


6. I expect you have gone through every step without a skip. Once you hit the Setting Instructions link then you will be forwarded to Google support page.7. Scroll down and select Top Domain Option and you will find 4 Blogger IP addresses, save them for the future purpose.


Quick Settings on Godaddy Part:

1. Now lets head to Godaddy Account page and move on to Domains–> Manage DNS.It will display the DNS Records page of your domain.

2. In the Records page you will find pre-installed and CNAME Records. Now you have to replace the IP’s under Column A.


3. Now repeat the process and fill all the 4 IP addresses like above. Now A column is completed. If any extra A Records are present except you created then Remove them.

4. Now open your saved data of NAME,Host,Label details which you seen in theBlogspot part like www and ghs.google.com and the Target or Points to details and paste them like below.


5. Now Replace the CNAME as shown above. Now you should have Four ‘A’ Records and Four ‘CNAME’ records. (You can leave the FTP and Email CNAME records or you can Delete them if necessary). Other than them if any CNAME or A Records found, just remove them.

6. Now move on to Blogger Dashboard –> Settings–> Basic–> Publishing.  Now click on the save option and it will show your custom domain name followed by redirects caption.

7. That’s it you are all done. Wait for 24 hrs to use your Blogger custom Domain. Cheers!!

If you find any problem in the Godaddy Custom Domain setup, do share your queries in Comments. I will reach you ASAP.

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