Teamwork Concept in blogging and its returns

Probably your individual blogger and you could be using .WordPress and .Blogspot. Working individually is a very hectic job they are so many things to care about like SEO, posting regularly, marketing and developing your website. Have you ever taught of team work? Most of us would not have taught about that. if yes, good.

“Teamwork is the key secret to improve your site rapidly in short time”

There are so many people involved in blogging and owning a website so search for a people who have same interests just like you and try to explain your views. Ask them to be a working partner with some minimal investment.

From my personal experience, I work in a team to build a website and it was a tough website as the expectations is at its peak and to satisfy them we have worked a lot and got it ready on time but one thing mattered is time duration in which we completed the project it was just merely one and half week. As a blogger one thing you must know is “Time” most important factor if you value it then you have a payback for sure.

Is team work profitable?

Absolutely yes, when you have your frequency matched with everyone in the team. The self interest of the team members about the team is very important which will reflect in the growth. The total efficiency of team will be far greater than an individual and accomplishing one project in a week and three project in a week is different the more you do it’s the exponential growth for opportunities. When you use those opportunities your get profited.

Vital points to remember for teamwork in blogging.

Transparency among the team should be give top priority. In companies like Facebook the office cabins are made by transparent glass so the other co-workers can see what others are doing and in Google all the employees upload their schedule in Google calendar which is also a sort of transparency.

Know about each other technically–Identify who is good at what and split the work. If you are good at English skills then try posting regularly and take that work and if the other is good in SEO they let him take that job.

Team discussion–Try to communicate with each other and share your ideas about your website at least once in a two or three days this help a lot to improve your website.

Always upgrade –Split the cost for improving your website if you don’t have a .com then first try to get that it will help a lot to drive traffic. Money won’t be a problem if you are a team and be transparent to everyone in the team.

Remember these points very well and working as a team would get a lot of growth and save half of your time and money for sure.

Need the idea about how to split up team into particular categories?

No worries we are here to help you. Basically as per blogging part the categories can be:

*Content writing and Editing-The main team who are possessing technical knowledge about the topics  and good at their language are best suitable for this and it very very important to run the blog successfully.

*Design- Content only is not enough to make it pleasant to our eye. We need some artist to make ordinary to extraordinary.

*Marketing and Publicity- To ensure that there are some people to recognize your works and know that it’s your work is reaching people they need to take care with what so measure this team takes.

These three teams make a killer combination in today’s market to successfully make a product or anything go successful.Last but not least all the popular marketing personalities like Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal ,etc they started individually and expanded their team and then went  from zero to some different scale.

”Team work is not only for blogging it is applicable for many things”.

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