Is Freedom251 Smartphone a Scam??

Today 18 Feb 2016 Indian Market banged with the release of Freedom251 Smartphone. Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd partnered with Make In India campaign to release this Big Budget Smartphone to Indian Market on 17 Feb 2016.

The whole world awaits today to see the New Smartphone Era. But the whole drama they created went in vain with their www.Freedom251 .com homepage crashed and no one able to get the phone ordered.

Here are some hard Facts which prove Freedom 251 smartphone as a SCAM

Freedom 251 Invitation Fails:

Take a close look at the Invitation, it named as BELL and the website www.freedam251 .com shows the company name as Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd.

The logo is same but Company name is different. This is an Interesting thing to look up before buying Freedom251 smart phone.

Is Freedom251 is Rebranded Adcom Ikon 4??

Another Interesting thing is there is no Images of Freedom251 Smartphone in Internet. Some of the Images resembles Adcom Ikon 4 mobile which is on Indian market at a price of 4000/-. Take a closer look at Adcom phone and the Freedom 251 present website. Its looks quiet the same in Model but slightly differs in Configuration.

No Cash on Delivery option inwww.freedom251 .com

There is no Cash on Delivery option available for Freedom251 booking onwww.freedom251 .com website. Only online payment is available. If there is an COD available it feels some Safety for Buyers. If its a Digital India Campaign how can poor have online Banking. It would be better to have a Cash on Delivery option to prove its not a SCAM.

Close look at www.freedom251 .com Website:

This website is created just 8 days back. They even don’t have good amount of information in their website and they claims to have 650+ service centers over India. How is it even possible. Check the website creation date.


Delay in Delivery Time

Due to the high Demand for this phone they said the phones will be delivered after July 2016. Lets do some math here.

  • They advertised it like hell so let us assume they will approximately get 1 crore Booking in these 3 days. i.e ( 251 Crores)
  • They promised to deliver it after 4 months (probably you will forget about it after 120 days)- INTEREST on 251 crores for 4 months @9% p.a = 7.53 Crores)
  • We all know getting this phone is next to impossible, But We are trying our luck and if Phone does not get delivered we will, at least get the refund.
Note: Its just a calculation. We are not saying this is the real drama around it. Here we got some people comments who ordered Ringing Bells Smart 101 4G phone recently.

Final Verdict:

By looking all the above facts one can clearly gets idea of Freedom 251 Marketing. Lets hope its not a SCAM or a piece of Crap. We hope its an experiment to get India Digitalized.
Go ahead and take a look at www.freedam251 .com now.

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