How to make money using Link Shortener for Beginner: Review

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We all spend many hours daily on Internet doing absolutely nothing. Most of us use Internet for scrolling Facebook posts or to watch Youtube videos or any other.
And everyone, once in their life have come across a Search term ” How to make money online  ” in Google. For those who are searching for simple ways to earn money online, here is a small trick which results in large amounts of money.
Even a Newbie can use this method and make hell lot of money. Lets go straight away to the Topic.
Have you heard about Link Shortening which converts Large and long URL’s to short urls and makes it easy to share in social media.
I think most of you have seen this Short Urls.
Well they are actually the shorten links which redirects to a specific pages in Websites. Some companies like Google and Bitly are the best URL shorteners. But sadly they dont pay you any money for shortening the links. However Bitly pays you in little.
But today we are here with the Best URL shortener of 2016 which pays you a handsome income for shortening the links. Yes you read it right.!! Handsome Money by shortening url’s Earn money by Shortening URL: is the European company which allows to shorten links and pays for every visit on our Shortened link. I have been using this over a year and got amazing results compared to Bitly. is the best URL shortener for me.
  • 12$ for every 1000 Views
  • 5$ minimum payout threshold.
  • Multiple withdraw options like Paypal and Payoneer
  • No Sensitive Ads.
  • More widgets and Banners to promote.
  • FREE API. for the developers to get more from it.
                                            Payout Rates for 1000 views

How to earn money from :

Here is the complete guide to use the best url shortener thay pays you more. Follow the instructions to get started with – best url shortening site.
So lets solve the simple question How to start making money from
First Sign up in the official website of
Once you finished all the info. You will land on the Dashboard of

You are all done now. You can copy any URL and shorten them using the Shorten Button at the top. Your shorten url will be like this.

Now copy that shorten URL and share with your friends. Whenever your shorten URL is visited, your will bank the amount.

If you didn’t signup in Do it now because the next words you read about a simple trick will get you a hell lot of money.

Simple Trick to Earn 10$ a day by Shortening URLs :

A Trick for a Newbie guys.
Join large Active Facebook groups and start posting about something with your shorten links. Lets say you joined a Facebook group having images or videos or Deals then write a catchy description and add your Shorten URL below.
You can use them in Whatsapp groups and even you can use them while sharing some files with friends.
Here is an Extra Trick for Pro’s
Those who are having Blogs or Promoting some products over internet, so called Affiliate Marketers. Then use these shorten links while promoting.
Replace inbound and outbounds links of your blog with these shorten URL’s. This will add some $$$ to your income. Why late?? Join – Best URl Shortener today.

Thats all for the day guys. Hope you like this article. Share this with your Friends.

( Use to shorten this page link and give it to your friends while sharing. Your earnings Starts from Here.!

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