How to Unblock Hidden Chess Game in Facebook Messenger/ Facebook Chat

Heyo Guys..

Everyone Loves Chatting Online with Friends. We have a lot of apps for chatting but Facebook tops all of it. Instead of Chatting with your friends you can now challenge them for a Chess Battle in Facebook Messenger.

Yeah.!! Another Hidden game is out. Just like the one found in Google Chrome, but its way more interesting.

BetaNews shared a new method to play chess with your Facebook friends in chat. Here are the tricks to unblock hidden chess game on Facebook.

Simple Method to Unblock Facebook Hidden Chess Game

Here is what you have to do to unblock hidden chess game in Facebook.
  • During the conversation type, @fbchess play to start the Game.

  • Select a piece to make a move
    •  K for King
    •  Q for Queen
    •  B for Bishop
    •  N for Knight
    •  R for Rook and P for Pawn.
  • If you want to move a Pawn then type @fbchess Pd4 to move. If more than one piece can go there you will be asked which one to move.
  • You can get help by typing @fbchess help in chatbox.
To look better and larger use “See full conversation” option in chat settings.
It looks cool in Facebook Messenger too. Chess Lovers enjoy playing online chess through Facebook.
There are many online Chess games with more graphics available but this in-built one is accessible for everyone.

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