Things To Know “ERP Market Is Booming So Fast In India”

As per the studies, there is a constant rise of ERP demand India and other parts of the world with every passing day. So the question often arises, as to why there is a rampant growth of ERP in India, is popularly posed in different public forums. Since India has become a hub of outsource, where IT and IT enabled services are given by the developed nations like US and UK. Hence you could find a tangible IT sector in India along with other industries also gearing up. ERP manages to prosper the business growth of the companies, these comprehensive software packages render better services to clients and thus play an important role in making the workplace productive and efficient.

Indian Companies enjoy several benefits with ERP

Nowadays, regardless of company size, the Indian companies are now adopting ERP packages for their business expansion and growth. Considering the loads of ERP benefits, Indian companies end up getting these systems installed at their premises without caring much about the cost. Presently due to the stiff competition, project manages have started selecting this particular business software. So, the competition among the companies has now ended up in investing in this domain. The other vital benefit which Indian companies enjoy while installing ERP systems at workplace is the high amount of ROI (return on investment).

The ERP and ROI

As said above, a high rise of ROI is seen with ERP implementation, which is also the reason why ERP is so rampantly used in India. So, how does this work out is really worth knowing? Through ERP system, you enjoy high end resource management, which is one of the vital benefits of using ERP software in any company. The presence of ERP systems is really helping companies to maximize their business profits, so they do not care investing big money for this software.

As per the studies, the automated systems in Indian companies can easily meet the requirements of their clients. Even the organizations like Aviation and Defense too is adopting this high end software. Using ERP software, the production cycle in different companies are simply boosting up. The product design and decision making affairs too are becoming an easy nut to crack with the help of these ERP software packages.

The advent Custom ERP software

Earlier, when ERP embarked in the market, only big companies were seen implementing them. However, of late, companies are now able to get ERP software as per the companies’ requirements. So, different industries can now find tailor made ERP systems at their respective workplaces. You can now find highly customized solution as per your needs and requirements. Due to this, ERP solutions have turned out more affordable. This is also one of the reasons why Indian companies are adopting ERP solutions at their workplaces.

Secondly, due to the advent of custom made solution, its availability has also increased in the market, which has become one of the reasons of becoming a sensation in different industry landscape. Nowadays, you could see a huge amount of service providers including Eastern Software System and Tally in India. Their presence in the Indian market has helped the companies here to escalate as per the global yardstick, which was not the case before the ERP. Even a small size company can get a global edge and deliver high quality products to their home and overseas clients.

India an evolving economy in global landscape

As per the studies, the Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is reported to be 25.2 in 2004 to 2009, while currently the figures are seen increasing. If you look over the search engines, India has a huge amount of technically trained people. This is also the basic reason of ERP popularity in Indian companies. So, whether you check the educational hub or the hospitals, hotels or any other industry in India, all the industries are quick in implementing ERP systems at their workplaces.

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